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Luddoo Bites Social Campaign Dominates Pakistan’s Wedding Season

Industry - Retail And Consumer Products

TCS Connect Luddoo Bites Social Media Campaign Creates A Connect With Wedding Go’ers

TCS Connect’s Luddoo Bites rocked the ‘Wedding Season’ delivering eye-balls to over 2 million people across the country as well as increasing sales across all categories for the season.

The campaign was all about sharing funny, interesting and unforgettable wedding stories with friends, family and other facebook users. Most of the users can resonate with the idea and have much to tell since the wedding seasons usually involve many tales that people love to share.

Add to that a prize and people will go crazy. That is exactly what TCS Connect did.

Not only did the campaign delivered on all KPIs, it was lauded by leading news channels as well.

TCS Connect social media poondi luddoo bites


The process of the social media campaign was simple.

Story has to be in written form, 100-150 words and sent through our Tab or emailed at
•The best stories will be published daily on the timeline.
•TCS Team will choose the top 10 stories in round one.
•In round 2, out of the 10 stories the fans will vote for the best story based on „One Vote Per Account‟.
•The top 10 best stories will win a his / her perfume, whilst the top rated story by the fans will win a Kenneth Cole His / Her Watch as well.






LUdddoo IX


luddo bites open


Luddooo bitesPicture1




Luddoo bitesPicture1




Stories ranged from the everyday mistakes to the most delightful experiences.

luddo bites


Luddoo Bites


Luddo Bites Ii


Luddo Bites III


Luddo Bites IV


Luddo Bites V


Luddoo Biet VI


Luddo Bites VII


Luddoo Bites VIII


LUdddoo IX



The winner’s favorite groom & bride got a prize of Kenneth Cole Perfumes.